US Civil War Drama


Inspired From A True Story – Sarah´s dream is to become a healer, a doctor. With the help of her mother, she dons men´s clothing and enlists in the Union Army hoping to join the medical corps. But her trained hunter´s eye gains her a spot on the elite sharpshooting team, where she is faced with the most difficult conflict of war – the killing and the saving of lives.

Status : Screenplay completed and ready for production

Awards :

  • 2005 Sundance Film Festival – Moved up through two out of three selection rounds in the Filmmakers Labs category
  • 2003 Acclaim Film Contest – Finalist (Top Ten)
  • 2002 American Accolades Contest – Runner-up (Ranked Second Place)
  • 2003 American Screenwriting Competition – Quarter Finalist
  • 2002 Creative Screenwriting Contest – Quarter Finalist
  • 2003 Fade-In Awards – Quarter Finalist
  • 2003 Hollywood′s Next Success – Quarter Finalist
  • 2004 Open Door Contest – Second Round Finalist (Top Ten)
  • 2004 Screenwriters Community Contest – Runner-up (Ranked Second Place)
  • 2003 Screenwriting Expo – Quarter Finalist
  • 2003 Scriptapalooza Contest – Semi-Finalist
  • 2003 Winner Take All Contest – Finalist (Ranked Fourth Place)