SF2 is an Interactive Film Festival where attendees are
more than passive shadows sitting in a dark theater

BREAKING NEWS! Three Horizons Productions is launching the first Supernatural Film Fest (code name SF2) of its kind in the Phoenix metro area. In 2013, SF2 will feature short films with original and unique storytelling – that will go above and beyond haunted houses, vengeful spirits, and angry ghosts. True, there will always be haunted houses, vengeful spirits, and angry ghosts – but what if there were other supernatural entities no one has filmed before? What if there were new surreal worlds never recorded on camera ‘til now?

The out-of-the-ordinary approach to our Supernatural Film Fest is allowing the audience to become active contributors to the activities of the festival.  Of course, not all attendees are required to participate – however, everyone will still get to vote on their favorite movies, pose questions to the filmmakers, and discuss their feelings and thoughts about the movies being screened.

For those who want to participate, SF2 will organize workshops and contests centered around the supernatural theme. Three Horizons Productions wants to provide creative people, (who are also audiences of supernatural movies), hands-on opportunities to create their own short films with royalty-free footage including the footage of the short films screened at the festival.

But SF2 is not just about films and scripts. Three Horizons Productions wants to create an incubator atmosphere for the supporting arts of filmmaking: scriptwriting, editing, graphics design, VFX, music, editing, etc. Such is the challenge SF2 will launch to the filmmakers and fans of the supernatural genre.

We will have five workshops and contests (computers, software, and DVDs will be provided; participants will need to bring everything else [art supplies, paper and pencil, musical instruments, etc.]). No boundaries to the imagination – except that we ask you to keep your creations to three minutes or less so we can watch and listen to everyone’s work.

DIGITAL MASHUP CONTEST – The fans of the Supernatural can get together in teams of 3-4 so they can create their own short films, trailers, promos… whatever they wish using royalty-free footage and the footage of the films they will be watching as an audience.

MUSIC JAM CONTEST – The musicians can also join the fun. Get together and create your own music, digitally or the old fashioned way. It’s all up to you. Create your jingle music, score a scene of your choice, sing, have fun. You can go solo or pair up with one of the filmmaking teams to score their short creations.

SCRIPT FRENZY CONTEST – For the writers in the audience, they will have an opportunity to join one of the writing teams (up to 3) or they can feel free to write the script for one of the filmmaking teams.

OLD FASHIONED ART CONTEST – And then, you have the graphics designers… they will be paired up with one of the filmmaking teams or one of the solo writing teams to design the poster for the short film and/or script.

CAMPFIRE STORYTELLING CONTEST – A good supernatural event would not be complete without this old fashioned – and disappearing – storytelling: just words and people sitting around a campfire. We won’t have the campfire but with all the creative people who will be there… there is no doubt we will be able to re-enact something akin to a campfire complete with coyote howls, the hooting of owls… and other mysterious sounds from our Sonoran desert.

But that’s not all! Everyone will have an opportunity to screen their new creations in front of a real-time audience. For the scriptwriters, there will be table reads of script extracts. Of course, the graphics will also be displayed for all to see! And, of course, the musicians will wrap it up with their supernatural jam creations!

The audience will then vote on the best shorts, scripts, art, and music created by other audience members… prizes and credits will be given to the top winners.

Of course, a wrap party will be held for those who want to stick around after the festival and before getting back to the real world.

SF2 is a new breed of Festival… one that will go above and beyond sitting in a dark theater… one that will incite the audience to interact with the filmmakers, the organizers, and with each other. Please, join us to contribute to innovative and creative supernatural filmmaking – beyond the mainstream fare!

Event date – February or March 2013
Location – Phoenix metro area (exact locale TBD)



Three Horizons Productions is a team of independent filmmakers who want to develop, acquire, and produce multi-media projects that showcase inspirational themes, compelling stories, and provocative characters to entertain or educate international audiences. Three Horizons Productions, located in Arizona, has a global outreach.