Calling Supernatural Short Films!!

Three Horizons Productions is seeking high-quality shorts for the Supernatural Film Festival 2013 to take place in Phoenix, AZ. Our intention is to screen original stories in a theatrical and forum setting. As filmmakers, our goal is to provide other filmmakers with opportunities to showcase and discuss their films, get exposure and most of all, share their passion with other filmmakers.

Supernatural, spiritual, shamanism, tribal legends and myths from all over the world.

We’re looking for the “Missing Element” of the Supernatural Genre: Originality.

Originality means that the short films are character-driven stories that create an eerie world about good and evil, right and wrong, pain and healing, reality and imaginings – without gore, sex, or violence – and expand cultural awareness in this fascinating film genre.

Must be able to demonstrate full ownership and clearance rights.


  • We will accept Press Kit and/or One-Sheet (if available)
  • At least two people will review your film
  • Every film will be assessed and ranked according to several criteria such as: story, acting, cinematography, sound, music, and the use of technology to solve production challenges
  • A committee will meet to discuss each film using the criteria listed above

Length: 25 minutes max – no min requirements
Format: SD or HD (for theatrical screening)



  • If selected and your film still needs some fine-tuning, we will work with you to make it the best it can be (e.g., color correction)
  • We will partner with you to offset post-production and marketing costs
  • We will share in revenues
  • We will share our notes, comments, etc.
  • We will not disclose your film to anyone else until we have a written agreement in place
  • We will work with you on the legal paperwork for release and other marketing events
  • We will package a compilation DVD of all selected films
  • We will conduct interviews and provide marketing coverage for you and your team


Because we are in for the long run and want to develop strong relationships with other filmmakers who like us are passionate, ethical and hard workers.