Bond Girl Comes to Phoenix To Star in Indie Thriller!

Caterina MurinoInternational star Caterina Murino is set to star in The Kiss, an indie thriller to be shot in Phoenix in September 2014. Caterina got her start internationally as a Bond girl opposite Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. She then received the 2008 Golden Globe in Italy due to her stellar body of work in multiple movies and TV shows. She doesn’t shy away from difficult roles, starring in Zen with Rufus Sewell (The Illusionist and The Legend of Zorro), in L’Enquête Corse with Jean Reno (Le Professional and The DaVinci Code), and in the European TV show Odysseus as Penelope. In The Kiss, Caterina will be Camille whose obsession with perfection throws her in the path of a psychopathic killer. Caterina says about delving into the world of The Kiss, “I really love the artistic concept, the mood, the ambiance, ‘The Kiss world!’ Fantastic! Classic, contemporary and futuristic… all mixed! Wow!” The role of the psychopathic killer Kyle, is yet to be cast. Go to and find out more about the script that hooked Caterina Murino!!!