About Us

Mission Statement

We are a team of international filmmakers and artists who came together under the Three Horizons Productions umbrella after sharing our talent, work ethics, and leadership on many projects for several years.

Since we created Three Horizons Productions, LLC (THP) in 2010, we have continued to collaborate towards a common goal: to create artistic and entertaining visual stories, leveraging new technologies and original talent while keeping costs below industry standards through our co-production model.

Together, we believe in developing and producing projects that showcase inspirational themes, compelling stories, and provocative characters to entertain or educate the people of our world.

Main Objectives

We aim at creating alliances with production and/or distribution companies with similar philosophies in filmmaking, marketing and distribution. As a team, we will always take a very strong leadership role in the marketing and distribution of our projects to maximize all existing (and new) distribution channels. We will remain fully dedicated to a project until the end of its lifecycle to ensure the most success to all parties involved.

Currently, THP is developing and producing various multi-media projects including feature film projects, documentaries, TV pilots and series, and computer games.

Internship Program

THP is dedicated to supporting filmmaking in Arizona by offering an internship program for students in cinematic and visual arts at one or more universities or colleges in Arizona. The program would grant school credits, a letter of recommendation, a demo reel whenever applicable, a private screening, and potentially a stipend after successful completion of the internship. It is planned to organize this internship program with the universities and colleges that offer a curriculum in cinematic and visual arts.


We are a diverse team of multi-media artists and business people. As a team we total over over 100 years of professional experience on movie sets, in television, radio, and theater. We have done small and large projects behind the scenes in the U.S. and internationally assuming multiple positions: music composing, singing, voice over talent, writing, cinematography, graphics design, etc.

Check out our Biographies Page for more info on the team. In addition, more detailed bios and resumes on the core team are available upon request at: info@threehorizonsproductions.com